Transfer/Migrate MARS to Another Machine



This guide will walk you through transferring/migrating MARS to another Machine. Please note, that these steps are for a normal LOCAL set up and do not include the all steps or processes. Any issues that do arise from a migration are outside the scope for normal technical support, therefore it is highly recommended that you allow one of our consultants to perform the migration of the product. This will not only ensure a smoother transition, but allow you more time to work on other projects.




1) Maintenance must be current with your MARS license. Attempting to transfer MARS without active maintenance will cause the activation process to fail.


2) All Prerequisites must be met on the new machine. To review MARS's Requisites, click here.


3) Make sure that you are a local Administrator for both the old machine and new. Again, this makes the transition much smoother.


Do Not simply uninstall MARS from your old machine.


Preparing for the Transition


verify that your New machine has the prerequisites. Download  and install latest version of MARS by logging into the Members Area.




Create a Back Up of MARS on the Old Machine. To learn how to create a backup, please click here.


Restore the backup on the New Machine. To learn how to restore a backup, click here.


On the New Machine, verify that all of your settings are correct. Ensure that your schedules are pointing to the correct directory for your reports. Ensure that your mail, database, and system path settings are correct.


*Tip: Take time to make sure all of your schedules are running. Essentially, you will want the New Machine to operate the same as the Old Machine before moving to the next steps.


Going Live with the New Machine


Now it is time to make the switch. Turn off the scheduler on the Old Machine, then Turn on the scheduler for the New Machine. Please review Scheduler Settings for more information.


Verify that your schedules are running nominally.


Deactivating The Old Machine


Run the Deactivation wizard on the Old Machine. Click Here to review the Deactivation Guide.


Once MARS on the Old Machine is deactivated, uninstall MARS.



Activating the New Machine


Run the activation wizard on the New Machine. Click Here to review the activation guide.



By this point, MARS should have now been completely transferred to a new machine. the old machine should be completely uninstalled and deactivated.