Deactivate MARS



Deactivating MARS releases a machine from your license.


*Important! Do Not uninstall MARS until you have deactivated the license. You can deactivate MARS without the need to uninstall the software.


To Begin Deactivation, Go to the Resources Tab, then click on Deactivate.






If you are sure you wish to Deactivate MARS click yes. MARS will now Close and initiate the deactivation wizard.


Check the box above to continue. This affirms that this machine is the machine you would like to deactivate.


Click the 1 - 2 - 3 buttons in sequence to access the Deactivate button. This precaution is in place to prevent accidental deactivation.


Click on Deactivate.




MARS is now Deactivated on this machine. Do not Stop here, now it is time to deactivate MARS on ChristianSteven Servers. This validates that this machine has been released from your license so you can be free to install MARS elsewhere.




Click next will prompt you to authenticate to the CSS Member Area. You can find your login information with the original email sent to you at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can click here to retrieve your password.




A frame will appear. Enter your Customer Number. If you are connected to the internet, then your Deactivation Code should automatically appear as well. Select Deactivate.




The MARS Licensing System will deactivate that installation. You should receive confirmation via email. You can manually verify that the installation is deactivated by going to the Black box in the Member Area.


Logging in to Black Box


After Logging into the member area, go to Black Box. Re-enter your user credentials.




At the bottom of your Black Box Details, go to the Activation Section.


Browse through your activations by clicking through the numbers.  The Hardware Fingerprint for your machine should not be found on this list. Note: Please be patient. Length of time processing depends on the current demand on the licensing system.

Finishing Up

After you have confirmed MARS is deactivated, you can finish the wizard.



If you are transferring an installation to another machine Click Here  to return to the License Transferral guide.