Getting Started




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An installation of MARS will set up menu items in the Windows Start Menu, these are accessible via the following path:


Start  >  All Programs > ChristianSteven Software > MARS




This is a link to start the MARS Schedule Editor.

MARS NT Service Monitor

This is a link to start the MARS NT Service Monitor interface if the service is installed. If it is not installed you will be asked whether you would like to open MARS to install the NT service. Please click here for more information on the MARS NT Service.

MARS Prerequisites

This is a link to the MARS prerequisites document.


This is a link to the MARS Help File.

How To ...  Demos

This is a link to demos on how to set up and carry out various tasks with MARS.

License Agreement

This is a link to the License Agreement document.

License Transfer Wizard

This menu item begins the process required to move your MARS license from the current PC to a different one. Please refer to Upgrading MARS for more information.

Purchase MARS

This link takes you to the ChristianSteven website where you can purchase MARS licenses or upgrades.

Registration & Activation Wizard

The Registration & Activation Wizard guides you through the process of registering and activating the software.

Visit ChristianSteven Software

This menu item takes you to the ChristianSteven Software website.

Uninstall MARS

This is a link to uninstall MARS. Please note that if upgrading this is done automatically by the installer.


This file contains details of all MARS installs and uninstallations.

System Monitor

This is a link to start the MARS System monitor without the schedule editor.


Starting Up


When you start MARS after the first installation you will be presented with a Welcome to MARS wizard. This helps you setup and configure some basic settings that you will need.


The Welcome to MARS wizard allows you to handle the following:


Administrator setup

Messaging Configuration

Registering for Support