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Files and Folders



With these tasks you can automatically move and delete files, merge PDF or Excel files, even upload files to SharePoint.


For more information about each of the tasks, click the relevant link below:


Copy File

Rename/Move File

Delete File

Write Text File

Create Folder

Rename/Move Folder

Zip Files

Unzip File

Merge PDF Files

Copy File



Use this task to copy one or more files from one location to another.


Task Name:  Enter a name for the task


Files:  Click  image12.gif  to browse and select files.




Destination Folder:  Browse to select the destination folder.


Check the checkbox to "Replace existing files at destination".




Rename / Move File



Use this task to move a file.  Keep the old name, or rename it by simply typing in a new name.  Check to overwrite existing.

Delete File



Simply browse for the file(s) you wish to delete and add them to the list.



Write Text File



Use this task to create or write to existing text files, or append information and create your own log file.


Use Inserts to insert constants or database values.  For more information on the Insert Function, click here.


Create Folder



Use this task to create a new folder.  Simply browse for the parent folder, and then tell CRD what the new folder name should be.





Rename / Move Folder



You can use this task to rename or move the folder. Select which action you want to take from the options.


Select Folder: Select the folder you want to take the action on.


New Name: Provide the name of the folder.





Zip Files



You can use this task to zip files. If you need to zip single files from multiple locations you can use the "Simple" view. If you need to zip files in the same folder you can use the Advanced view shown above.




Files: You can select a file or specify a path including wildcards e.g. *.*  to select all files.


Recursive: This will search the folder and all subfolders.


Maintain Folder Structure: Select this to ensure files of the same name are not overwritten and have the folder structure maintained. This is useful when using wildcards.



Unzip File





This task can be used to unzip a selected zip file to a specified folder.


If your .zip file requires a password, you can enter the password into the Password field.


Merge PDF Files

*Hint: This task is not to be confused with merging multiple reports in a package schedule.




Use this task to merge PDF files. You can select individual PDF files or a folder containing multiple PDF files.


Destination File: Select a destination file that the merged file will be saved to.


Check the checkbox to replace any existing files at the destination.


Merge all files in a single folder: Select a folder, and all PDF files inside the folder will be merged.





To learn more about PDF Security and other settings please review Advanced PDF Options.


Build Excel workbook

With this option, you can create an excel file directly from a datasource.




Click Add to add a dataset.




Name the Dataset.




Use the Query Tool to pull the data from your datasource. Select Parse to review your query results.





Continue to add datasets until you have completed your workbook. Then Select destination for the resulting Excel workbook.







Merge Excel

*Hint: This task is not to be confused with merging multiple reports in a package schedule.




With this task, you can merge multiple Excel files into a single workbook.


Simply add files by clicking the green plus button.


Indicate the folder destination as well.


Check this box to Replace existing files at destination



Upload to SharePoint

With this task, you can automatically upload any file to your SharePoint server.




Select the file or files you want to export.


Enter your SharePoint Server and credentials. Click Connect and browse though the directory. Select the destination folder.




File Metadata Can be uploaded as well. Add the column names and values as needed.



Folder Housekeeping


Folder housekeeping can be run as a custom task as well. Similar to Folder Housekeeping found in the options menu, you can monitor specific paths for files, and clean any files older than a specified amount of time.



Folder Housekeeping for a Local Directory




Type or select the path that will be cleansed.


Delete files older than: select the desire file life span that will be deleted.


Include Subfolders: Clean any subfolders that contain files older than the specified amount of time.


Folder Housekeeping a Remote (FTP) Directory




Enter your FTP Server details and authentication credentials. Browse or enter the folder path for the directory that will be cleansed.


Once Finished, select OK.


For more on Folder Housekeeping, please see Folder Housekeeping

Manipulate PDF

With this feature, you can change the properties of any PDF.




Similar to the Advanced PDF options, you can password protect, add watermarks, or set user permissions for the PDF file. For more info please see Acrobat Format (*.pdf).

Manipulate Excel

With this feature, you can manipulate an Excel file's properties.




Select the file you desire to manipulate, then assign it a password or edit the file summary.