Mobile Devices and Galaxi


Mobile Devices and CSSPortal

CSSPortal can be accessed by mobile devices that are both internal and external to the organizations network. CSSPortal automatically formats itself to fit most mobile browsers. Mobile browsers must support HTML.


To access CSSPortal on your mobile device, go to the URL provided by your administrator. Login to CSSPortal.




*Hint: Depending on CSSPortal's setup, it may be necessary to connect to your internal network via VPN. Consult both your administrator and your mobile device's documentation for greater detail.


Reports can be generated from your mobile device. Touch a report to generate it. A green star will indicate that it has been generated. Also any of your previously generated reports will be displayed in your generated reports list.


photo2.png     photo3.png


As shown below, reports can be reviewed from within your browser.




For iOS users, touch "open in..." to access additional options.





If your iOS device has certain apps installed, you can use them to open the report.


Mobile Phone Browsers


Mobile Phones internet browsers can access the portal in order to view reports. Please note that the ability to set up new report instances, change settings or other advanced features are not available on mobile phones. Viewing reports or generating reports with given or prompted parameters is available. This applies to both users and administrators.



Tablet Device Browsers


Tablet devices can view and generate reports in CSSPortal. Reports that already exist in CSSPortal (meaning they have been previously uploaded to the system) can be added from a tablet.