Generating and Viewing Reports



Generating and Viewing Reports

Users and Administrators can generate and view reports from the main screen. Reports available to a user will be displayed in the primary CSSPortal View.





Generating Cached Reports


This occurs if the Administrator has determined that a specified report will run as a cached report, meaning that the report will be viewed with the data given at the time the report was stored in CSSPortal. Again, the report will have no indicator in the upper right corner if it is a cached report.


Click on the report.


The report will display a list of "snapshots" or instances of the cached report based on cached date. Click an instance of the report to view it.


*TIP: You can delete any snapshot by clicking on the trash can icon for the corresponding item.




The report will be displayed in a new tab in your browser window.






Generating Live Reports


Live reports are generated in a similar fashion. Live reports are run given the latest data at run time. These can be reports with no parameters, preselected parameters, or parameters that are prompted at runtime.


Live reports are indicated by a yellowed upper right corner.


Tile View




Detailed View




Click on the report to generate it. If the report has no parameters or has be preselected then, it will be generated. If report parameters must be selected, then the user will be prompted to select them.


If prompted to select parameters, pick the required parameters from the drop down lists or manually type in the values. Click "view" to generate the report.






Date Parameters


Date parameters can be filled by clicking on the value field and selecting the date.


If applicable, select the format for your report.




The report will now be generated. Reports currently generating and reports that have finished generating will be displayed in the lower section of the main CSSPortal Screen.


Once the report is finished generating, you will be notified when the report is finished. You can view it immediately or view it later in the generated reports section. The alert can be dismissed by clicking on it.






For the Tile view, reports that have finished generating will display a Green Star in the upper right hand corner. If a report has not finished generating, there will be no indicator in the upper right hand corner.






Viewing Reports






To view a generated report, go to the report in the lower section of the main CSSPortal screen. Each instance of a generated report will be displayed here. Meaning, that every time a report is generated, the result for each time it is generated will be displayed in this section. This allows you to keep a report history.


These various instances of generated reports can be cleared from this list by checking the associated box, and clicking on "clear selected reports." These various report instances can be nicknamed as well. The user may keep these indefinitely.


Open the report by either clicking on the generated report instance or right clicking on the item and open it in a new tab or window.




Your report can be displayed in the same tab, a new window, or a new tab. The report will be displayed given the user's or administrator's parameter selections. The report can be Saved or printed from here as well.


If your report was generated as an MS Excel document, the reports will save to your machine. To view reports in your browser, reports must be generated using PDF format.