Creating and Managing Data Items


Creating and Managing Data Items


Data Items are queries that bring back a list of results. This list can be used in creating pick lists for your report parameters. When using a Data Item in your report (at a user or report level), the specified parameter will display a pick list driven by the Data Item. (See Custom Parameters - User level or Custom Parameters - Report Level)

To add a Data Item, select the 'Data' button then select 'add Data Item' from the drop down list. Name your Data Item, then connect to a data source via ODBC. A DSN connection  to the desired data source must be setup on the CSSPortal machine.


Next enter the query for your Data Item. This query should only return one field; giving you a list of values that will be populated into your parameters. You can use SQL to compose your query. Once you have finished writing your query, select 'Parse' to test your results.



If he query is successful, you can preview the results the data item by clicking 'yes.' The results will be displayed in a new tab and you can close it when done.


Remember, your Data Item query should only return one column of data. This is a list of values that will appear to the user when he/she runs the report. As the Data Returned in your Data Item changes, so does your pick list.



Don't forget to click 'OK' to save your Data Item.



Now that your Data Item is complete, you can use this item to generate your pick lists for your parameters. Custom Parameters - Report Level or Custom Parameters - User level

Editing Data Items

You can always change or delete Data Items by going to the Data section in the main menu, then selecting the item you wish to remove or edit.