Activating Galaxi


This guide will walk you through activating CSSPortal. Activation is needed once CSSPortal has either been purchased, or if an existing CSSPortal license is being installed on a new server.

For this process you will need:

  • 7 digit customer number
  • 13 character license number

You can find this information by logging in to the Member Area for CRD, SQL-RD, or CSSPortal found on the ChristianSteven website. You can also consult your original licensing email you received with your purchase of CSSPortal. Your Relationship Manager can assist you at any point in this process as well.

To begin the activation process, access the machine CSSPortal is installed on. Go to the Start menu --> ChristianSteven Software --> CSSPortal--> Registration and Activation Wizard.



This will start the Registration Wizard. Click "next" to continue.



In the Customer Information screen, enter your customer number and  license number. Sever name should automatically populate based on the machine name where CSSPortal is installed.

To find your customer number and license number, you can either review the license email sent when CSSPortal was purchased, or log into the member area on the ChristianSteven website.

Be sure to enter the license key and customer number exactly as your license documentation shows. Also be sure not have any leading or trailing spaces.

Click on "Register."



If Registration was successful, then the Activation button will become available. Click on "Activate."


If Activation is successful, the next button will become available. Click on "Next."



Verify that the displayed license information is correct. Click "Next" to continue.



CSSPortal is now registered and activated. If the CSSPortal installation was an active trial, the installation will become fully licensed. If the installation was an expired trial, it will immediately become accessible once again.




Click finish to complete the wizard. If you encounter any issues with activation, or you cannot locate your licensing information, contact your Relationship Manager.

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