Installing Galaxi


IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all pre-requisites are in place prior to installing CSSPortal.


To begin installing CSSPortal, download and open the CSSPortal installer. follow the installation prompts.





At this point, you should have all of the Internet Information Services (IIS) components installed in Windows. If they are not present, CSSPortal will attempt to install them. This can take several minutes. For a list of these components visit Pre-Requisites.




If CSSPortal has already been installed on your machine, you have the option to use the installer to upgrade your current version, or remove CSSPortal entirely.


Follow the prompts and install CSSPortal.





The CSSPortal will now install. Click finish when the installer has completed.






Database Configuration


After the installation is completed, you will be prompted to configure the CSSPortal Database. If CSSPortal is already installed, or you are upgrading CSSPortal to a new version. You will not be prompted to configure the database.




CSSPortal will now configure its backend database. This is an instance of SQL Server. Should the installation encounter errors, CSSPortal will attempt to configure the database in "verbose" mode. This displays the SQL Server installation itself via SQL Server wizard.





If the configuration is successful you can finish the wizard.





*Crystal Reports Users Only* Next you must choose your version of Crystal Reports runtimes for .NET that are installed on the machine. These runtimes need to be installed prior to installing CSSPortal. You can change your Crystal Version at anytime by going to Start-->ChristianSteven-->CSSPortal-->Change Crystal Version. If you do not intend to serve Crystal Reports in CSSPortal, and Crystal runtimes are not present on the machine, you will not be prompted.








To access the CSSPortal site, go to http://[machinename]:8133/CSSPortal



Create your Administrator Account for first use.





Now you can begin adding users, reports and groups.


What's Next:


System Options

Managing Groups and Members

Adding Reports and Report Permissions

Generating and Viewing Reports