Galaxi Features


Web Based Interface: CSSPortal is accessed solely through a browser. CSSPortal can be support by most HTML based Browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) on both personal computers and mobile devices.


Permissions Based Reports: Reports are assigned to specific groups. Users can only access reports in which they have group membership.


Generate Live Reports: Reports can be generated with the latest data at run time.


Generate Cached Reports: Reports can be pre-generated at a defined time, and stored in CSSPortal.


Snapshots: View a history of generated reports


Keyword Reports: Sort various reports based on specified keywords.


User Administration: Manage users credentials, group permissions, and rights.


Parameter Selection: Reports can be run with parameters. Administrators can preselect parameters, or allow the users to select them at run time.


Preset Database Logins: Set report logins, and table level authentication for each report.


Save Reports: Reports can be printed or saved to disk while being viewed in the browser.


Report Formats: Save generated reports as PDF, MS Excel 7, 8, or 97-2000 formats.


Value Builder: Create a constant data value to be placed in parameters. For example, a date constant such as Current Date.


Reporting Engines Supported: Crystal Reports versions 8.5 - 2011; SQL Server Reporting Services versions 2000 - 2012


Customized Parameters: Control  parameter pick lists and values at a user or report level. Values can be populated statically or dynamically using a Data Item.


Data Items: A query that returns a list of values in a single column. This list is then used to determine dynamic pick lists for reports.