Quick Start User Guide


Accessing CSSPortal

To Access CSSPortal, follow the link provided by your administrator. In the login screen, enter your user credentials provided by your administrator. The portal supports any HTML compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)



CSSPortal Interface

This is the primary screen for CSSPortal. Reports that you possess rights to access are located here.




Generating a Report

To Generate a report, click on the report you want to view.


If your report prompts you for parameters, then select them accordingly. If your report has no parameters, or they have been pre-assigned to you, CSSPortal will immediately generate the report.




Date Parameters


Date parameters can be filled by clicking on the value field and selecting the date.

Hint: Date and time parameters can also be auto calculated using the value builder. See Adding Reports and Report Permissions to learn more.

If appropriate, select the format for the report when prompted. To view the report in your browser, select PDF.


Click Preview to generate the report.

The report will now be generated. The generated report will be added to your "Generated Reports" list.

You will be notified when the report has finished generating.


The Generated report list displays instances of your  generated reports. You can review these instances at anytime. They can be removed by checking the desired report's box, and clicking on clear selected reports. This will not remove reports assigned to you, only generated instances of the said report. You can dismiss the alert by clicking on it.


Viewing Your Report

When your report has finished generating, you can click on the report to view it. Alternatively you can right click on the report and open it in a new tab, or window.


You can close the new window or tab when finished, or you can press the back button to return to the main reports screen.

Excel Formatted Reports: If you have selected Excel as your report format, then the generated report will be downloaded to your machine when it is selected. Note that your administrator may have set the report to automatically format as an Excel document.

Contacting your Administrator

In some cases you may want to contact your administrator for questions, help, or to request a report be added to the server. You can contact your system administrator here.