What Is Galaxi Intelligence Portal?


Galaxi is a Dynamic report viewing portal for Crystal and SQL Server Reporting Services reports. Accessed via an HTML compatible browser, users can add and view reports on multiple platforms such as desktop browsers or mobile devices. CSSPortal is perfect for:

  • Enabling users to view canned Crystal Reports and SSRS Reports in the same interface.
  • Allowing users to run reports based on prompted parameters, and save the reports in a desired format.
  • Users can add reports to Galaxi and share them with group members
  • Assign reports to specified groups, limiting access to reports to specific users.

Galaxi acts as a stand alone product that can serve Crystal Reports independently of CRD, the Crystal Reports Scheduler. Also Galaxi can serve SSRS Reports independently of SQL-RD. CSSPortal can be deployed as both an internally facing system and an internet facing system. From a single interface, various reports from multiple sources can be managed from a single interface. Different from CSSWeb, Galaxi is not a scheduling system, nor is it a business automation platform. Its primary purpose is the ad hoc viewing of reports.


If you are a User, you can learn how to use Galaxi via the Quick Start Guide.


If you are an Administrator you can learn how to configure and use CSSWeb via these topics:


Pre-Requisites - A list of requirements for CSSPortal

Installation - How to Install CSSPortal

Activation - How to activate CSSPortal

System Options - Options for CSSPortal

Managing and Using CSSPortal

CSSPortal Interface - Learn about CSSPortal's interface

Managing Groups and Members - Create and manage users and groups

Add a Crystal Report or Add an SSRS Report - Add reports and assign them to groups

Smart View - Create a customized report configuration, and assign it to user(s)

Generating and Viewing Reports - How to run a report

Mobile Devices and CSSPortal - Viewing reports on a mobile device