Technical Support for CRD


ChristianSteven Software employs a dedicated support team to solve a variety of issues regarding CRD. In addition, members of Support have direct access to Development and members of its department in order to assist with quick resolutions.

ChristianSteven Software Technical Support is available to evaluation and licensed users of CRD who have registered for support. Licensed users must have an active maintenance or monthly subscription account in order to receive support.

Registration for Technical Support is free. Once registered, you can submit Technical Support queries.



The support team does not provide support for systems outside of CRD or outside of any other ChristianSteven Software products. The support team does not provide training or consulting for CRD nor does it provide the same for outside products and tools. ChristianSteven Software does provide Consultancy however (via our Professional Services team for a fee). To request assistance/consultation with our Professional Services team, follow the steps listed below and select Professional Services Request as the Ticket Type. This will prompt our Professional Services team to reach out with a quote.


Logging A Support Ticket

There are two methods in which to request help from the Support Desk. The first and preferred method is through CRD itself.

Note: This method can only be used if there is an open active internet connection on the server in which CRD is installed.

The second method is through the ChristianSteven website

Below you will find steps on how to log a support ticket directly through the CRD software. If you are unable to follow the steps listed below, please follow this link to our website where you can manually log a support ticket.

Note: Do not send an email directly to support. Your message will not be properly logged and will delay the technical support teams response.


1. In CRD, click the Resources tab. Then, click Log a Call. This will open a window in your default browser which should look similar to the window shown below:




2. Enter your email address in the Your email address field. This will be the address where all emails from the ChristianSteven Software technical support team get sent to. 

Note: You will need to verify this email address prior to the ticket being successfully logged in the support queue. To verify, simply click on the email you receive from Zendesk at the address you entered and select Verify. This will prompt you to set up a login for the Zendesk site. Failure to verify your email address may cause a delay in the technical support team's response time.




3. In the Customer Number field, enter your ChristianSteven Software customer number. ChristianSteven Software customer numbers are 7 digits long and begin with a for the CRD software.

Note: If you are a trial customer, you must register for support in order to receive an applicable customer number. If you are already registered for support and have not received a customer number, simply enter 0000000. If you are not a trial customer but do not have your customer number, it can be found by clicking Resources > About CRD within the software and locating the Customer Number field at the top right of the window that pops up. 


4. If you are a trial customer, please check the applicable box. This lets our Sales team stay updated on the status of your trial experience.




5. Next, enter in your Company's NameYour Name (first and last), and a Telephone Number where a member of our technical support team can reach you.

Note: It is important that you provide a telephone number that is valid. Our technical support team will attempt to reach you at the number you provide and failure to enter a correct value may result in a delay in the technical support team's response.




6. Enter in the appropriate Time Zone and select the Region in which you are currently located.

Note: Please ensure you enter the correct time zone. Our technical support team will base all meeting times and phone call appointment times off of the time zone you provide. Failure to enter the correct time zone may result in the technical support team having to reschedule set meetings.




7. Select the most applicable type of request this is for from the Ticket Type drop down. This helps our technical support team to categorize the requests received. 




8. Select the appropriate urgency for this particular request.

Note: Urgent requests are those which are an "all systems down" situation. High requests are those in which the CRD software is functioning but at a limited capacity. Normal requests are those in which CRD is mostly functioning as expected but issues are occurring with limited business impactsLow requests are those which are just questions or issues which are not impacting CRDs functionality in any way.




9. Next, choose CRD from the drop-down and enter all relevant details for your support ticket.

Note: Information provided here will help the support team to have a clear understanding the issue. Please provide as much detail as possible.




10. To add support files or screenshots of the issue you are experiencing, simply click the appropriate checkbox and drag them to the Attachments section of the form. 

Note: Screenshot and support files assist the support team in gaining an even greater understanding of your request. Please ensure that any provided screenshots or documentation is relevant to the issue. To create support files in CRD simply click Resources > Support Files inside the software and attach the resulting zip file. For further instructions on creating support files, please see the bottom of this page.




11. Check the box next to I'm not a robot and follow the instructions to authenticate this request. Once you have passed the captcha authentication, you will see a green checkmark appear inside the box.




12. Click Submit. The page will redirect back to the home screen, and you should see a ribbon at the top of the screen that states the ticket was submitted successfully or that you need to verify your account.

Note: If you receive the verification message, this means that you have not yet registered the email you entered with our Zendesk portal, and you will receive an email from Zendesk asking you to verify your account. If you do not verify your account, your ticket will not be logged successfully with our technical support team.




Submitting a Ticket and the Support Process

As mentioned previously, once you have submitted the ticket, you should receive a "Success" message and a confirmation via email. During normal business hours (8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time), our support staff will attempt to reach out via phone within one hour of the time your ticket is received.

While the support staff does make every effort to resolve issues by phone, you may be contacted via email. For simple issues, on occasion, detailed instructions for solving the issue may be sent. For more complex issues, the support team will work with you to coordinate a time to set up a troubleshooting meeting (via LogMeIn).

You can reply to a support email by simply replying to the message that was sent. If your ticket was closed, you can reply to a support email concerning the closed ticket to reopen it. Please do not modify the emails subject as this could cause the response to not be properly applied to your ticket.

Note: Make sure to whitelist on your mail server. This ensures you can receive emails from support. Check your junk or spam folder if you logged a ticket and have not received a response after 1 hour.


Creating Support Files

To create support files, perform the following:

1. In the CRD software, navigate to the Resources tab and select Support Files.




2. On the Create Support Files window which displays, click the ellipses button to the far right of the Output location for support files field and choose the location where you want to save the zip file CRD will produce.

Note: You will not need to check any of the boxes shown below the output location field. By default, CRD will include all relevant information in the support files. However, if there is information you do not wish to share, you want to keep the file size low, or you need to change the file extension for security reasons, you can select the corresponding check box. Please be advised that this may cause the technical support team to be unable to use your support files or for relevant data to be excluded in the resulting zip file CRD creates.




3. Click OK at the bottom of the Create Support Files window. CRD will begin creating the zip file, and you may see a progress bar at the bottom of the user interface. Once support files have been successfully created, CRD will display a Success pop-up. Click OK again.

You can now attach the support files zip folder to your ticket.