How to Apply a New ChristianSteven Software License Key



    • Please ensure you activate your software with the most recent license key provided to you. Failure to do so may result in issues with the activation or functionality and usability of your ChristianSteven Software application.
    • You must have internet access in order to activate your ChristianSteven Software. If you do not have internet access, you will need to perform a manual deactivation/activation. Instructions for manual deactivation/activation can be found here.
    • If you are on an older version/build of ChristianSteven Software, it may be necessary to update your application prior to performing the steps listed below. Please see the Additional Resources section at the bottom of the page for information on finding the latest build and updating the software.


Applying the New License Key (CRD/SQL-RD/MARS)

Each year after renewing your Annual Maintenance, you will receive a new license key for your ChristianSteven Software application. This license key authenticates to our servers and gives your server "permission" to run our ChristianSteven Software for another year. Because our records update each time you receive a new license key, you must update the license key the software uses in order for the application to continue functioning as expected without any interruption to your service. To update the license key to the most recent version, perform the following steps:

1. Open the software (CRD/SQL-RD/MARS).


2. In the upper left corner, click the Resources tab. Then, click About CRD/SQL-RD/MARS.




3. In the About screen that appears, locate the License Number field and enter in your most recent license key. 

Note: You may have to click the Notepad symbol in order for SQL-RD to allow you to enter your license key. If you receive a message saying the license key isn't valid before you have changed the value, disregard this message, click OK, and enter the new license key.




4. Once the new license key is entered, click the Notepad icon to the right of the License Key field. A green checkmark icon should appear to let you know that your license has been successfully updated. 

Note: If you receive an error message stating that the license number is not valid, please ensure you have entered the license key correctly and no spaces are present before or after the key you entered. If you continue to receive the error message, please log a support ticket and a member of our Technical Support team can assist you with the activation. 




Alternate Method

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it may be necessary to update your ChristianSteven Software in order to update your license key as listed in the Applying the New License Key section above. While we do recommend updating and using the default application method, here at ChristianSteven Software, we understand that this isn't always a possibility. To apply your license key using the alternate method, please perform the following steps:

1. Deactivate your ChristianSteven Software. You can find deactivation instructions here.

2. Activate your ChristianSteven Software. You can find activation instructions here.

3. Your ChristianSteven Software should now open successfully and be using the new license key.


Additional Resources

If you are currently using a build of ChristianSteven Software (CRD/SQL-RD/MARS) that is 6.7 or older: These versions of our software are no longer supported. Updating these older versions require multiple updates for the software to work as expected. For this reason, you will need to speak with a member of our Professional Services team in order to update the software. To do so, you can log a ticket and select Professional Services Request as the ticket type or contact our Client Relations team at 888-781-8966.


If you are currently using a build of ChristianSteven Software (CRD/SQL-RD/MARS) that is newer than 6.7: 

1. Ensure your machine meets the pre-requisites for the ChristianSteven Software application you have installed. 


2. Download the most recent build of the software by navigating to our Product Info & Updates blog, locating the most recent article relating to that ChristianSteven Software application, and clicking Download Latest CRD/SQL-RD/MARS Release at the bottom of the article.


3. Follow the update instructions for the application. 


Congratulations! The software should now be successfully updated to the most recent version and build.