Manually Activate or Deactivate ChristianSteven Software



  • If this is a Galaxi Activation or Deactivation, these instructions do not apply. Please see the Galaxi Activation/Deactivation instructions here.
  • Please ensure you have your customer number and the correct name of the server you will be activating/deactivating the software on. You will be unable to proceed without them.


Manual Deactivation

Occasionally, it is necessary to manually deactivate a server/machine when that server no longer has an internet connection or is not accessible in order deactivate from within the software. In cases such as these, please follow the steps below to manually deactivate your software on the server.



1. In the toolbox above, enter your customer number in the Customer Number field and click Submit.


2. Next to Server Name, you should now see a list of all servers you have activated and the date in which that server was activated through our system.


3. Select the server you wish to deactivate.


4. Click Deactivate.


Congratulations! This server has been successfully deactivated. You may now activate another instance of our software.


Manual Activation

Sometimes, a server which runs or will run CRD/SQL-RD/MARS does not have an internet connection. Because our software requires an internet connection to successfully activate, these cases call for a manual activation to be completed. To perform a manual activation, follow the steps below.



1. Under the Activation heading in the toolbox above, enter your customer number in the Customer Number field.


2. Enter the name of the server/machine exactly as it appears on the server/machine itself.

Note: Failure to enter the server/machine name correctly will result in our software being unable to activate correctly. If you enter an incorrect name, you will have to manually deactivate the incorrect server name following the instructions listed above and perform the manual activation again with the correct server/machine name.


3. Click Activate Server.


4. You should now see a Your Activation was successful! message and two new buttons: Download License and Activate Another. Click the Download License button. This will download the license key file our software needs to register that the activation was successful.


5. Copy the license file that was downloaded in Step 4.


6. Navigate to the folder where our software is housed. The default path is C: > Program Files (x86) > ChristianSteven > CRD/SQL-RD/MARS. Paste the license file into this location.

Note: Do NOT rename the license file!! This will make our software unable to recognize it as a valid license, and you will be unable to activate your software.


7. Launch the Registration and Activation Wizard.

Note: The Registration and Activation Wizard can be found by clicking Start and typing it into the search bar. Additionally, it can be found by navigating to C: > Program Files (x86) > ChristianSteven > CRD/SQL-RD/MARS/IntelliFront and launching the RegWizX.exe.


8. You should now see a Welcome to the Registration Wizard screen. Click Next.


9. Enter your Customer Number and License Number in the applicable fields. Ensure the Server Name matches what you entered in Step 2. 

Note: If the server name does not match, you will not be able to proceed with the activation.


10. Click Register.


11. To the right of the Activate button, click the carrot (v). Then, click Manual Activation.


12. Browse to the C: > Program Files (x86) > ChristianSteven > CRD/SQL-RD/MARS/IntelliFront location and select the license file you pasted in in Step 6. Then, click Open.


13. Click Activate. You should see an Activation succeeded pop-up message.


14. Verify that the information listed is correct. Then, click Next.


15. Click Finish.


Congratulations! This server has been successfully activated.