Quick Access Toolbar


The Quick Access Toolbar at the top of CRD is a quick way to access features instead of navigating through the Ribbon.



By default, the Quick Access Toolbar has eight options listed:

CRD Icon: Clicking this button will allow you to maximize, minimize, restore, or close the CRD window.



New Folder: Use this button to create a new schedule folder.

Note: To learn more about folders, click here.


Smart Folder: To create a new smart folder, click the Smart Folder icon (folder with 3 blue cubes in front).

Note: To learn more about Smart Folders, click here.



Options: Click this button to edit the configuration options for CRD.

Note: For more information about the various configuration options, click here.


System Monitor: Use this button to access the System Monitor.

Note: For more information regarding the System Monitor, click here.


Paste Item: Use this button to paste a CRD item (such as a schedule) after it has been copied. To copy and paste items, right click on the desired object. Then, select Copy. Go to the desired schedule location (such as the Annual folder) and place the object there using the Paste button.

Note: The paste button will be grayed out until something has been copied and is able to be pasted.



About CRD: Clicking this button will allow you to review the specific information about your CRD system. This includes your build and license information.



Below is a list of additional information that can be found on the About screen:

    • The customer number that is used to identify your company in our systems
    • The name of the company CRD is licensed to
    • The product you are currently using (CRD)
    • The edition of that product that you currently have a license for
    • The daily outputs you are allowed to have with that license
    • Your license key
    • The maximum daily outputs (or peak usage) you have had in the last rolling 365 days


Note: If your license key has changed due to an annual maintenance renewal, you can click the pen and notepad button to the left of the license key. This will allow you to enter the new license key information. Be sure to enter it EXACTLY as it appears on the documentation provided by ChristianSteven. Once entered, click the green checkmark. You should receive a message stating the license key has been updated. This DOES NOT apply if you are activating CRD for the first time or are entering a new license key as the result of an edition upgrade. In these instances, you must Activate CRD in order for the new license information to update.


Help Button: Clicking this button will open the Help Center. 



Customize the Toolbar: Click on the down arrow next to the help file button to access a menu that will allow you to modify the Quick Access Toolbar. 



From this menu, you will see several options. You can:

    • Customize the Toolbar
    • Change the location of the Toolbar
    • Remove the Ribbon


Customize the Quick Access Toolbar: Selecting this option will open a window which will allow you to choose which buttons you want to appear on the toolbar. 


To change the buttons on the toolbar, perform the following:

1. Choose a category from the Choose commands from: drop-down menu.



2. Click the option you want to add so that it is highlighted orange. Then, click Add

Note: To remove buttons from the toolbar, select them from the right-hand column and click Delete.



3. Once you have finished adding (or removing) toolbar buttons, click OK.



You will now see the new button(s) on the Toolbar.



Place Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon: Selecting this option will move the Toolbar from the top of the screen to just below the CRD ribbon. 

Note: To change the toolbar back to its previous location, simply click the customize toolbar button (the down arrow) and select Place Quick Access Toolbar above the Ribbon.



Minimize the Ribbon: Clicking this button will minimize the CRD Ribbon completely. Only the CRD Explorer (Main User Interface) and the Quick Access Toolbar will be displayed.

Note: The CRD Ribbon tabs will still display, but the options for each tab will not. To show the options again, simply click the customize toolbar button (the down arrow) and select Maximize the Ribbon.