System Pane


CRD has a built in System Pane, which features quick information about your Schedule, schedule history, recent outputs, and the current status of any activities CRD is performing.

When you first open CRD, you will not see the System Pane(s). They are automatically hidden and will have to be selected from the appropriate locations. The System and History tabs are located on the blue bar on the far right side of the software. The Recent Outputs and Status tabs are located on the blue bar at the bottom of the software.


Clicking on System will display a window similar to the Scheduler agent. From this window, you can stop and start your Scheduler, review polling results, and see system information.



Clicking on History (Latest 10) will allow you to review the last 10 status history entries (failed or succeeded) of the selected schedule without having to open the entire schedule properties.



Clicking on Recent Outputs will show the most recent files that CRD has sent out as part of an executed schedule (emails, excel documents, pdf files, etc.).

Note: The System, History, and Recent Output tabs will hide automatically once you move your cursor off of them. If you would like them to remain visible, click the pin in the upper right-hand corner to pin them to the main UI. 



Clicking on Status will display CRD's current activities in real time. Report processing status, loading report progress, and other functions are displayed here.

Note: You can cancel system activities by clicking Cancel on the Status window. However, please be aware that doing so may cause CRD to run differently expected.