Audit Trail


An audit trail is a chronological record of changes that have been made to a database or file. CRD can be configured to create an audit trail that will be stored in a given database.

Note: Audit information is not stored in CRD and you must create and designate an external ODBC compliant database for storage.



This audit trail will show common activities, such as which user executed a given schedule, what the user did, the schedule that was manipulated, and the type of schedule. 



Enabling the Audit Trail

To allow CRD to create an audit trail, perform the following:

1. On the Audit Trail tab of the Options window, check the box next to Enable Audit Trail. This will enable the Database Setup fields to be modified.



2. Enter the database name and applicable credentials into the DSN NameUserID, and Password fields.



3. If the connection is successful, you should see a "Database connection established" pop-up window. Click OK.




4. Click Apply then at the bottom of the Options window to save these settings.


Congratulations! You have successfully enabled and set up the Audit Trail for CRD. Now, let's talk about the Default Tasks tab.