Deactivate CRD



    • Do NOT uninstall CRD until you have deactivated the license. You can deactivate CRD without the need to uninstall the software.
    • Deactivating CRD releases a machine from your license and, if you wish, allows you to activate another machine in its place.


The Deactivation Process

To deactivate CRD, perform the following steps:

1. Open CRD.

2. Click on the Resources tab in the upper left-hand toolbar.

3. Click Deactivate.



4. If you are sure you wish to deactivate, click Yes on the popup window that displays. This will close CRD and open the Deactivation Wizard.



5. On the Application Deactivation popup which displays, click the Yes I am SURE buttons in sequence to access the Deactivate button. This precaution is in place to prevent accidental deactivation.



6. Once you are able, click the DEACTIVATE button.



7. You should now see a popup stating Your computer has been deactivated successfully. Click OK.



Congratulations! Your CRD software has been successfully deactivated on this machine. If you wish to transfer CRD to a new server or machine, instructions for doing so can be found here.