Register for Support


**Important Information Regarding Support**

    • We respond to all support ticket submissions by email. Please ensure that all emails (irrespective of content) from are allowed through your anti-spam and other security systems. This is important as customer numbers, product keys, code samples etc. can contain "nonsense" phrases and may be quarantined by your security system.
    • If you have not received any response to your support ticket submission within 24 hours, please ensure that is white-listed by your security system. Check your "spam" or "quarantined" folders, and then re-submit your query.
    • Because of the amount of spam and hoaxes we receive daily, support ticket submissions are only allowed through our security system if you use a valid customer number. Once you have purchased CRD, you will receive an email containing your customer number. If you experience issues with CRD during your free trial, please reach out to your Sales Manager for support.


The first time you use CRD you will be prompted to register for support. This is no longer a necessary step in the CRD setup process. During the Activation of CRD (in the next step of the setup process), you will be automatically registered.

Leave the Customer # field blank and click Next. 



You should now see a screen which provides you with the option of configuring advanced system settings when you click finish. If you would like to do so immediately, check the box next to Go to configure advanced system settings when I click 'Finish'. Then, click Finish.

Otherwise, simply click Finish.



At this point, CRD should open automatically, and you will need to activate your software