Configure Messaging


When you first use CRD, it is important to set up all the configuration options to your needs.  This tells CRD important information like the type of email you are using, the type of scheduling service you wish to install, how often it should poll the database to see if there is a report to run, and so on.

The first time you start CRD, you have the option of specifying your messaging configuration. This step is optional at this time and can be completed later. 

To Configure Messaging Later:

1. Leave all the fields on this tab blank.

2. Click Next to register for free support.



To Configure Messaging Now:

1. Use the drop down next to Mail Type to select the specific mail protocol your organization uses.

2. Enter in the credentials associated with your organization's mail server.

3. Click Test Settings.



4. In the popup that displays, enter an email address to send a test email to and click OK.



5. If the test is successful, click OK. Then, click Next to register for free support.

Note: If the test was unsuccessful, check with your mail administrator to verify that you have the appropriate configuration options for your mail server listed.