Database Configuration


The first time you open CRD, you will need to configure the CRD database. This is where CRD will store the information regarding the schedules you set up within the software.

1. Open CRD for the first time.



2. You should now see a Database Configuration Wizard popup. This is how CRD will configure its back end system. Click Start.



3. Please be patient while CRD installs the database. If you have met the pre-requisites, the operation should complete successfully.

Note: If the configuration fails, CRD will offer to install a local Access database. CRD will operate in this instance. However, advanced users will likely prefer to run CRD using the SQL Server install. If the configuration fails and you would like to use the SQL Server install, verify that you have met all the CRD pre-requisites.



4. Once the configuration is completed, you will receive a notification stating that the Operation completed successfully. Click OK.



5. Click Finish to complete the database configuration.



CRD will automatically start, and you will a pop-up will be displayed asking you to complete the Administrator Setup.